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19 January, 2021
que son los cannabinoides

Do you Know What Cannabinoids are?

Cannabinoids are a major part of the cannabis plant. Along with terpenes, they give cannabis its psychoactive and medicinal properties. There are a wide range of cannabinoids, and each one has a different effect on the human body. Knowing about them will give you a deeper insight on how the […]
10 July, 2020

Cannabis for Treatment of Migraine and Headaches

Migraines are not only uncomfortably unpleasant, they can stop you doing anything else. If you are unlucky enough to experience migraines, you will know how invasive they are. Preventing you from driving, working, socialising or being able to simply relax. The throbbing headaches can make you feel nauseous and hypersensitive […]
25 May, 2020

What is Linalool?

Linalool is an important terpene found in the cannabis plant. It is thought to provide anti-microbial properties which reduces risk of bacterial growth in the leaves and buds. Linalool also produces a lavender aroma with spicy, flowery notes and a hint of mint. Linalool is a natural plant terpene which […]
24 April, 2020

The best 5 Seedstockers Strains for making Hash and Cannabis Extracts

These days many Seedstockers customers make hash and other cannabis concentrates from their crops and we have the best strains for making hash and cannabis extracts! Cannabis concentrates include products such as cannabis oil (aka hash oil), shatter, rosin, hash, Rick Simpson oil as well as cannabis edibles. Hash and […]