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27 April, 2022
best cannabis strains for warm climates

The best cannabis strains to grow in warm climates

Climate is a decisive factor when it comes to choosing the right strain to grow outdoors. If you’re lucky to live in a warm and sunny area, your options are practically endless because cannabis plants love the sun. Nonetheless, heat and humidity (or the lack of it) are also factors […]
20 April, 2022

The best cannabis strains for cold climates

Climate is one of the key factors that determine the success of an outdoor crop, which is why many growers who live in areas with cold climates are apprehensive about planting cannabis in the open air. But if you’re not lucky enough to live in an area where nature favours […]
13 April, 2022
washing cannabis roots

Flushing the roots of your cannabis plants

Root flushing is a simple technique that many growers use to improve the quality of their marijuana crops, especially in terms of the flavour and aroma of the buds. In this post we explain everything you need to know about this method; how it’s done; and what benefits it can […]
9 March, 2022
speed up harvest time

What’s the best way to grow cannabis faster and speed up the harvest time?

How to grow cannabis faster Cannabis growing can be a slow process in which all the hard work only pays off several months after sowing the seeds. However, some growers simply don’t have enough time to spare, or are just naturally impatient and aren’t willing to wait. Some people grow […]
2 March, 2022

What is a Cannabis mother plant?

When a grower is particularly fond of a phenotype, i.e. characteristics of a particular plant such as smell, taste, growth speed and vigour, making it their mother plant means being able to reproduce exactly that bud, and plants that grow identical, over and over again. In this article we tell […]
2 February, 2022
Sea of Green (SOG)

The beginner’s guide to the Sea of Green (SOG) growing method

Growing cannabis indoors means growing as efficiently as possible, since limited growing space and the expense of climate control systems and artificial light mean that resources must be optimized. A multitude of techniques can be used to increase the level of cannabis production indoors. And the Sea of Green (SOG) […]
26 January, 2022

Cannabis plants diseases: how to detect and treat them

The two worst nightmares of any grower are diseases and pests. That’s why its so important to know how to detect these problems in time and be able to eliminate them; otherwise, they can ruin entire harvests. In this article we explain which are the most common and how you […]
19 January, 2022
the most common cannabis mutations

The Most Common Cannabis Mutations

Knowing the most common cannabis mutations Life doesn’t always go according to plan; this is as true for cultivating cannabis as when you’re stoned and hungry, head for the kitchen, and immediately forget what you came to the kitchen for in the first place.     When genetics start doing […]