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23 November, 2021
Según la ciencia, las variedad de cannabis con alto contenido de THC no te "colocan" más

Science reveals that high THC cannabis strains don’t get you “more high”

High THC cannabis strains don’t get you “more high” It is a misconception that higher THC levels on cannabis provoke a stronger high. And this might come as a big shock for many! It is never too late to review one’s assumptions. The obsession about THC levels is a fact […]
12 November, 2021

What is Rosin and how is it made?

Dabbing and concentrates have become the new gold standard for using cannabis. Some people seem to love it for the amazing flavours they get from a nice big chunk of concentrate. On the other hand, concentrate doesn’t just pack a punch of flavour, but it also packs quite a punch […]
10 November, 2021
best strains to grow cannabis outdoors

The best cannabis strains to grow outdoors

The best outdoor cannabis strains Growing your cannabis outdoors can be a very rewarding experience as you get great results at a low cost. If you have in mind to set up your particular Garden of Eden next season, we recommend you to take a look at the list of […]
4 November, 2021
How to increase terpenes levels in cannabis

How to increase terpenes levels in cannabis

How to increase terpene and terpenoid content in cannabis Every once in a while a buddy walks in the door, and he’s got a bag of ganja that smells insanely strong! He’s got it double-bagged and in a glass jar, and the moment that glass jar opens the entire flat […]
3 November, 2021

Why has the Cookies variety become so popular among consumers?

Today, there are thousands of marijuana strains listed by seed banks. With so many genetics to choose from, how can a single strain achieve so much popularity in just a few years, becoming a staple in the global marijuana market? Is it branding? A clever name? Celebrity endorsement? Other strains […]
27 October, 2021
how to make cannabis tincture

Cannabis Tincture, What is it and How to make it

Use of cannabis tinctures is on the rise, especially in places where marijuana is legal and they are widely available. The ability to have an easily dosed cannabis extract that can be swallowed or even absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) is a major reason many non-smokers prefer this ingestion method. […]
20 October, 2021
CBG VS CBD efectos secundarios

CBG Versus CBD: What’s the difference?

Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids and other molecules that are being studied for their multiple properties. Among the main cannabinoids of the plant we find CBD and CBG, two very interesting compounds that can contribute to improve the balance of our organism.     CBG and CBD, which cannabinoid […]
6 October, 2021
hemp vs cannabis

Marijuana and hemp: What’s the difference?

Hemp and marijuana are two plants with many characteristics in common. For this reason, and due to the lack of information that exists on this subject, many people often confuse them. In this article we explain the differences between them and what each is used for.     Hemp vs […]