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10 November, 2021
best strains to grow cannabis outdoors

The best cannabis strains to grow outdoors

The best outdoor cannabis strains Growing your cannabis outdoors can be a very rewarding experience as you get great results at a low cost. If you have in mind to set up your particular Garden of Eden next season, we recommend you to take a look at the list of […]
3 November, 2021

Why has the Cookies variety become so popular among consumers?

Today, there are thousands of marijuana strains listed by seed banks. With so many genetics to choose from, how can a single strain achieve so much popularity in just a few years, becoming a staple in the global marijuana market? Is it branding? A clever name? Celebrity endorsement? Other strains […]
13 October, 2021
Cómo escoger la mejor tierra para cultivar cannabis

Choosing the best soil to grow cannabis

What’s the best soil for growing cannabis? Not all plants want the same substrate in which to grow. Succulents, for example thrive in a sandy, well draining soil that does not retain a lot of water, and regular dirt from you back yard – in most cases – isn’t going […]
15 September, 2021

The Beginners Essential Guide for cultivating Cannabis indoors

If you’re looking for the basics for your first indoor marijuana grow, here are the tools and information you need on how to do it effectively. All you need is a small, discreet space and a little budget to get started with indoor cannabis production. Growing marijuana indoors is a […]
1 September, 2021
gorilla glue autoflower

Gorilla Glue Autoflower: the best flavor within reach of any grower

Our Breeders could not resist the temptation of bringing the qualities of this beast to the autoflowering format. Gorilla Glue is a variety that has swept the planet for its high potency and huge resin production.     If you want to grow this powerful strain but you live in […]
25 August, 2021
agricultura verde cannabis

Green cannabis farming, how to grow marijuana consciously

More and more places are removing legal barriers to cannabis, whether for recreational or medicinal use. With the decrease in repression, the development of markets such as CBD and a society that is gradually opening up, the cannabis industry needs to achieve greater production to meet consumer demand.     […]
18 August, 2021
cannabis nutrient deficiencies

Cannabis nutrient deficiencies in soil, how to prevent and fix them

Cannabis is a living plant that requires nutrients – just like you do. Of course, the way a cannabis plant eats is much different than the way we eat. The roots of the plant absorb nutrients which are available within the soil and water. Making sure that your cannabis plant […]
11 August, 2021
white widow autoflower

White Widow Autoflower, a legendary strain with powerful genetics

White Widow is a cannabis strain that is among the most appreciated and recognized worldwide. A balanced hybrid that was created in the Netherlands in the 90’s, White Widow quickly achieved worldwide fame for its its high production of trichomes, which cover the bugs like a blanket of white snow. […]