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7 July, 2021

Guide on drying and curing cannabis

It’s been months since seed stock was selected. Tons of effort has been put into caring for 1, or maybe 100, cannabis plants all through the vegetative stage and into the flowering stage, and the work isn’t done yet because today, it’s harvest time!     Let’s take a look […]
1 June, 2021
4 motivi per coltivare cannabis autofiorente

4 reasons why you should grow Autoflowering strains

Autoflowering genetics were a revolution within the cannabis industry due to their multiple advantages. They are fast, resistant strains, easy to grow and produce quality crops. Here we explain everything you need to know about auto varieties.       What is Autoflowering cannabis? Autoflowering marijuana varieties (also called auto, […]
26 May, 2021
what to consider when growing cannabis

What should you keep in mind when growing cannabis?

Growing your own cannabis is a very rewarding adventure that doesn’t have to be difficult. It actually has many advantages; since you will know exactly what you consume, you will be self-sufficient and you will always have marijuana on hand without spending a lot of money. It is also a […]
21 April, 2021

When to Harvest Cannabis

It’s fundamental for a grower to understand and know the best moment in which they should harvest their cannabis. If the plants are cut down too soon, the glandular material will contain far fewer of the components which contribute to flavours, aromas, and cannabinoid potency. On the other hand, if […]
17 March, 2021
tips on sexing cannabis

Tips on Sexing Cannabis

Cannabis plants come as males, females, and in some rare cases hermaphrodites. When you use cannabis, you will most likely be using the flowers, or resins from a female cannabis plant. This is what produces the most cannabinoids. Male cannabis plants are used for breeding cannabis. The pollen from the […]
22 February, 2021
get to know northern lights weedstockers

Get to Know Northern Lights Cannabis

There are many cannabis strains that stand the test of time and become old school classics, Northern Lights is no doubt one of those strains. Possibly one of the most famous strains of cannabis, Northern Lights is an Indica strain, that is said to be pungently sweet, with a hint […]
17 February, 2021
señales tempranas de plantas de cannabis hermafroditas

Early Signs of Hermie Cannabis Plants

Knowing the early signs of hermie plant or hermaphrodite cannabis plants is an important skill that all cannabis growers need to learn. Though you can use feminised cannabis seeds and get a good chance of a female cannabis plant, sometimes, things go a little wrong, and a plant will “hermie”. […]
3 February, 2021
germinar semillas

Different Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

There are many different ways to germinate cannabis seeds. Essentially all you have to do is keep the seed damp, and warm for a few days, and it will germinate and grow. Some methods are more reliable than others. As cannabis seeds can be expensive, you want to use the […]