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15 December, 2021
is CBD safe during pregnancy

CBD and pregnancy: Is it safe?

CBD or cannabidiol has revolutionized the cannabis sector by bringing awareness of the benefits of cannabinoids to the mainstream public. More and more users are choosing to consume this cannabis compound that does not produce psychoactive effects and has proven to have multiple beneficial properties for health. But… Is it […]
17 November, 2021

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

Can CBD show up on a drug test? ​The last few years have been very successful for CBD. Due to the way this cannabinoid interacts with the body, an increasing number of users have been using it to treat different types of ailments, for example to relieve anxiety, chronic pain, […]
20 October, 2021
CBG VS CBD efectos secundarios

CBG Versus CBD: What’s the difference?

Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids and other molecules that are being studied for their multiple properties. Among the main cannabinoids of the plant we find CBD and CBG, two very interesting compounds that can contribute to improve the balance of our organism.     CBG and CBD, which cannabinoid […]
29 September, 2021
keeping THC levels low

How to keep THC levels low in cannabis

Keeping THC levels low in cannabis For the most part, the driving motivation when growing cannabis is to produce the most potent and most beautiful buds possible. A well matured, healthy plant with sound genetics will often produce huge amounts of cannabinoids, upward of 20% by weight or more. Historically, […]
29 September, 2021
cbd for pets

CBD for pets: what it is and how to use it

Whether your cat feels anxiety on car rides, or your dog can’t stand fireworks, many pet owners experience has been that CBD can be helpful for their pets. But what exactly is CBD for pets, and do they really work? And most importantly, is it safe?     Cannabinoids are […]
8 September, 2021
is medical cannabis safe

Is medical cannabis safe and effective?

Is medical cannabis safe? The most common uses of medical cannabis are pain management, body and mind relaxation and insomnia. Strains with a big CBD percentage or high on terpenes like linalool can do wonders in case of anxiety, nausea or inflammation.     While cannabis-based medicines are based on […]
4 May, 2021
which is better for sleep

Which is better for sleep? CBD vs THC

How do Cannabinoids affect Sleep? In recent years, cannabis has been revealed to have a list of therapeutic applications. Each individual cannabinoid has been observed to offer distinct effects. We also know that they have specific effects in combination with one or more of each other – for example, CBD […]
14 April, 2021
CBD Northern Lights

New CBD Northern Lights from Seedstockers

In only a few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the most known compounds – and most abundant – in the entirety of the new cannabis industry, and become the fashionable cannabinoid. Its scientific interest has revealed that it not only contains medicinal properties on its own, but it […]