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9 June, 2021

How are cannabinoids produced by the Marijuana plant?

Among the most attractive compounds in the cannabis plant are the so-called cannabinoids, molecules that produce different effects and that have made this ancient plant so famous. Here we explain how these compounds are created and what they are for.       What are cannabinoids? The cannabinoids found in […]
19 May, 2021
what are trichomes on weed

What are Trichomes on weed?

Trichomes are one of the most important biological components found on the cannabis plant. They serve as the manufacturing facility for cannabinoids – the compounds responsible for the effects we enjoy when we consume dry cannabis flowers or extracts. Lets analyze the powerful impact these vegetable structures have, which come […]
16 March, 2021
cons of marijuana legalization

Cons of Marijuana Legalization

Teen use. US marijuana legalization seems to increase its use by teens. The percentage of 12-17 year olds using marijuana is higher in every legal state in the US. Health issues. Marijuana may contain five times as much carbon monoxide concentration as tobacco, affecting the lungs.     An overuse […]
17 February, 2021
señales tempranas de plantas de cannabis hermafroditas

Early Signs of Hermie Cannabis Plants

Knowing the early signs of hermie plant or hermaphrodite cannabis plants is an important skill that all cannabis growers need to learn. Though you can use feminised cannabis seeds and get a good chance of a female cannabis plant, sometimes, things go a little wrong, and a plant will “hermie”. […]
28 January, 2021

Hemp, What is it and What Can it Do

You may have read a lot about hemp recently. The USA recently removed hemp from the schedule 1 controlled substances list. This has given farmers a chance to grow one of the most useful plants nature provides. But why was hemp illegal? What is hemp and what can it be […]
27 January, 2021
congelar cannabis

Can you Freeze Cannabis?

Many home growers produce around 2-3 crops per year. Once they have harvested their plants they usually have an immediate surplus of cannabis buds. But what’s the best way to keep those premium quality buds in optimum condition? Many people store their buds in glass jars or plastic containers. But […]
21 January, 2021

What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

Terpenes in cannabis plants can be overlooked. This is because cannabinoids like THC and CBD are the main focus of many growers. Terpenes bring smell and flavour to your cannabis, but they also have some medicinal properties too.     In this guide, we will explain what the most common […]
19 January, 2021
indica versus sativa weedstockers

Sativa and Indica, What’s the Difference?

First off, cannabis strains come in two main varieties, Sativa and Indica. Some cannabis strains are 100% sativa, others are 100% indica, but most are what we call “hybrids”. In other words, a mix of two or more types of weed. Normally, Sativa and Indica, but Ruderalis is now becoming […]