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11 August, 2022
Pests in marijuana

Pests in marijuana: how to detect them and fight them

One of the most challenging aspects of cannabis growing is preventing, detecting, and controlling harmful insect infestations or fungal diseases. Any grower worth their salt has surely suffered a pest in their marijuana crop at one point or another, so prevention is key to stop these annoying guests from settling […]
3 August, 2022
terpenes in the kitchen

How to use terpenes in the kitchen to enhance flavour

Cooking with terpenes is a fantastic way to enrich any culinary experience. These compounds provide all the flavours and aromas in a meal. A number of scientific studies have also linked terpene content with many therapeutic properties. Therefore, cooking with terpenes from the cannabis plant may raise dishes to a […]
27 July, 2022
Cannabis-tolerant countries that you should choose for your holiday

Cannabis-tolerant countries that you should choose for your holiday

Times have never been better for cannabis enthusiasts to travel, as more and more countries around the world have either decriminalised or legalised marijuana. And, as an increasing number of places become cannabis-friendly, cannabis tourism is experiencing incredible growth. Here are some destinations to consider when planning your holiday so […]
20 July, 2022
protect cannabis from heat stress

How To Protect Cannabis Plants from Heat Stress

Cannabis plants are extremely diverse and can grow in many environments. Growing indoors or outside in a hot climate that presents frequent challenges can be difficult, and oftentimes will affect the final yield and flower quality. In this article, we explain how to protect your plants, symptoms of heat stress, […]
12 July, 2022

How to manage your plants when you go on vacation

There is an old expression that states,“ The things we own…end up owning us ” and that can certainly be the case when growing Cannabis plants. Watering our garden frequently is an essential part of growing top quality flowers and keeping plants healthy and happy. In this article, we explain […]
6 July, 2022
nutrient excess

Nutrient excesses with cannabis plants

There are many factors that can affect the way Cannabis plants use nutrients, so in this article we cover the causes of excess nutrient solution, how to identify the symptoms, causes and provide remedies. How to know if a cannabis plant has nutrient excess? Cannabis plants require three primary nutrients […]
29 June, 2022
How often does an indoors cannabis plant need to be watered?

Water cannabis plants

Growing Cannabis can be straightforward and basic, however there are many variables that can make a big difference. Knowing when to water and what nutrients the plants desire, will give you the upper hand when feeding, allowing you to harvest the biggest buds and most terpene rich flavors. In this […]
22 June, 2022
THC Diamonds

What are THCA diamonds and how are they made?

While potency, aroma, and flavour normally represent the Holy Trinity of cannabis, it is hard to beat the beauty of the crystalline THCA, a type of extraction that is coming on strong. THCA diamonds look very much like normal diamonds: both are rare and, as a result, they’re both expensive. […]