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14 April, 2021
CBD Northern Lights

New CBD Northern Lights from Seedstockers

In only a few years, cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the most known compounds – and most abundant – in the entirety of the new cannabis industry, and become the fashionable cannabinoid. Its scientific interest has revealed that it not only contains medicinal properties on its own, but it […]
7 April, 2021
USA flag

US House of Representatives votes to end federal marijuana ban

During the Trump administration, former senator and current Vice President Kamala Harris became the chief sponsor of the MORE Act. This is the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act. This bill decriminalizes marijuana, eliminating criminal penalties for those who manufacture, distribute or possess marijuana. On 4 December 2020, the House […]
31 March, 2021
mexico flag

Mexico could become the world’s largest cannabis market

In 2017, medicinal cannabis was legalized in Mexico. On March the 10th, 2021, the Chamber of Deputies approved a bill that would turn Mexico into the biggest cannabis market in terms of population (129.000.000 people). Mexico could join Uruguay and Canada and become the third country to fully legalize cannabis. […]
30 March, 2021
NBA stops testing for marijuana

NBA stops testing for marijuana

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the NBA isolated its players (Orlando bubble). To avoid unnecessary risks, the NBA and the NBPA (NBA’s Player Association) suspended testing for recreational drugs. This measure was extended to the 2020-2021 season. The focus of random-testing programs will now be on performance-enhancing products and […]
25 March, 2021

Apple drops two new emojis for smoking weed

Is there a Weed Emoji? Emojis are digital images and icons that first appeared on Japanese phones in the 1990s. Their use in informal communication is such a commonplace nowadays that some conversations seem to need the support of emojis in order to add more specification to it. There are […]
19 March, 2021
CBG Zerodue

What is CBG? Get to know CBG Zerodue

Although many cannabis users know how to differentiate between CBD and THC, there are many fewer users who are familiar with cannabigerol (CBG). One of the minority cannabinoids, CBG is gaining lots of popularity thanks to its great medicinal value. For all of these reasons, we are pleased to present […]
17 March, 2021
tips on sexing cannabis

Tips on Sexing Cannabis

Cannabis plants come as males, females, and in some rare cases hermaphrodites. When you use cannabis, you will most likely be using the flowers, or resins from a female cannabis plant. This is what produces the most cannabinoids. Male cannabis plants are used for breeding cannabis. The pollen from the […]
16 March, 2021
cons of marijuana legalization

Cons of Marijuana Legalization

Teen use. US marijuana legalization seems to increase its use by teens. The percentage of 12-17 year olds using marijuana is higher in every legal state in the US. Health issues. Marijuana may contain five times as much carbon monoxide concentration as tobacco, affecting the lungs.     An overuse […]