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22 February, 2022

All you need to know about CBDa and CBGa cannabinoids

As cannabis becomes more researched, more accepted, and more available, so too are cannabinoids other than THC being spoken about and sought after. THC is the cannabinoid that the most people are familiar with, and its associated with the psychoactive effect that you get from smoking weed. CBD has also […]
16 February, 2022

Autoflowering vs feminized seeds, which is better for growing cannabis?

Autoflower vs feminized seeds When a grower plans to buy cannabis seeds, his or her choice is usually based on three basic categories: regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds. Each of these types of seeds produce plants that have their own differences in terms of cultivation, size or yield; and some […]
9 February, 2022

Cannabis and endometriosis: can THC relieve symptoms?

In recent years, cannabis has been arousing lots of interest in the scientific community for its potential therapeutic properties, whom have begun to investigate its ability to alleviate the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases such as endometriosis. Cannabinoids have proven to be effective in relieving pain, gastrointestinal symptoms and the […]
26 January, 2022

Cannabis plants diseases: how to detect and treat them

The two worst nightmares of any grower are diseases and pests. That’s why its so important to know how to detect these problems in time and be able to eliminate them; otherwise, they can ruin entire harvests. In this article we explain which are the most common and how you […]
19 January, 2022
the most common cannabis mutations

The Most Common Cannabis Mutations

Knowing the most common cannabis mutations Life doesn’t always go according to plan; this is as true for cultivating cannabis as when you’re stoned and hungry, head for the kitchen, and immediately forget what you came to the kitchen for in the first place.     When genetics start doing […]
13 January, 2022
Covid vs canabis

Could cannabis help against Covid infections?

In a utopian world we would all heal through cannabis. In the scientific world, there might be a way for cannabis to help with the current pandemic! This promising statement is backed up by science. Earlier this week, a study by researchers from two universities in Oregon was published on […]
12 January, 2022
seedstockers new cannabis strains

New cannabis strains from Seedstockers: Secure XXL harvests of high THC buds

New cannabis strains from Seedstockers The Seedstockers catalogue continues to grow, with the best genetics for any grower’s garden. Today we’d like to present you the 6 newest varieties which have been added to the catalogue. These 6 genetics offer incredible yields of super high potency THC flowers.     We […]
10 January, 2022
londres cannabis

Is London decriminalizing cannabis?

On his second term in office the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made it a priority to take on illegal drug use. He set up an independent Drugs Commission to study the benefits of decriminalizing cannabis. He based his decision on polls showing that more than half of the UK […]