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26 May, 2021
what to consider when growing cannabis

What should you keep in mind when growing cannabis?

Growing your own cannabis is a very rewarding adventure that doesn’t have to be difficult. It actually has many advantages; since you will know exactly what you consume, you will be self-sufficient and you will always have marijuana on hand without spending a lot of money. It is also a […]
19 May, 2021
what are trichomes on weed

What are Trichomes on weed?

Trichomes are one of the most important biological components found on the cannabis plant. They serve as the manufacturing facility for cannabinoids – the compounds responsible for the effects we enjoy when we consume dry cannabis flowers or extracts. Lets analyze the powerful impact these vegetable structures have, which come […]
13 May, 2021
canadian cancer paciens

A third of Canadian cancer patients use cannabis

A report from 2007-2016 states that one third of Canadian cancer patients use cannabis. The research, called “Cannabis use amongst Canadian adults with cancer (2007-2016): results from a national survey”, used the information given by 4667 cancer patients.     Cannabis seems to play a role in relieving symptoms and […]
4 May, 2021
which is better for sleep

Which is better for sleep? CBD vs THC

How do Cannabinoids affect Sleep? In recent years, cannabis has been revealed to have a list of therapeutic applications. Each individual cannabinoid has been observed to offer distinct effects. We also know that they have specific effects in combination with one or more of each other – for example, CBD […]
30 April, 2021
homegrown cup 2020

Blackberry Gum Auto: Winner of the Homegrown Cup 2020 “Best Variety for making BHO”

For a seed bank, winning a cannabis cup is always a reason to celebrate. Its the proof in the pudding that all of the tough work breeding and selecting in order to find that one special phenotype, was worth the effort. Today we want to share our elation, and to […]
30 April, 2021

Morocco to legalize the production and sale of cannabis for medical use

On march the 11th of 2021, Morocco approved a bill authorizing the medical, cosmetic and industrial use of cannabis and kif. This can be seen as a starting point towards legalization. This bill is still pending to be approved by the Moroccan Parliament. It is a long awaited step for […]
28 April, 2021
rastafari jamaica

Jamaica is experiencing a severe weed shortage

There is an inevitable association between Jamaica and ganja, the Sanskrit word for cannabis. However, the home of the Rastafari movement is actually experiencing a weed shortage. It wasn’t until 2015 that cannabis became decriminalized in Jamaica through an amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act. The possession of up to […]
21 April, 2021

When to Harvest Cannabis

It’s fundamental for a grower to understand and know the best moment in which they should harvest their cannabis. If the plants are cut down too soon, the glandular material will contain far fewer of the components which contribute to flavours, aromas, and cannabinoid potency. On the other hand, if […]