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5 January, 2022
how to choose the best pots for growing cannabis

How to choose the right container for cultivating cannabis

Choosing the right pot for your cannabis plants is essential for the success of your crop. One of the vital aspects of proper plant maturation and development is a strong root system. Healthy roots are synonymous with good harvests. Let’s take a look at which pots are the most suitable […]
29 December, 2021
seedstockers best sellers

The best Seedstockers strains of 2021: the best-selling cannabis genetics

Seedstockers Top strains 2021 With the closing of 2021, we at Seedstockers wanted to compile the varieties that have been most popular throughout the year. Our breeders are always try to create special genetics, but it is the public who has the last word and decides which strains are most […]
22 December, 2021
seedstockers cups

Seedstockers wins 2 Cannabis cups in one weekend!

Merry Christmas to us! Seedstockers has been awarded with two cups in one weekend! By no other than the HomeGrown Cup in The Netherlands and The Copa del Sol fair in Colombia, 9000km apart from each other. Seedstockers around the world!   The HomeGrown Cup This cannabis cup was hosted […]
22 December, 2021
Haze, the undefeated Sativa variety

Haze, the undefeated Sativa variety

There are thousands of hybrid marijuana strains in seed bank catalogues from around the world. If you were to investigate their true origins, you would probably end up discovering a Haze genetic deep in the background of many of them. It is the genetic backbone of the world’s best-known sativas, […]
20 December, 2021
6 very fast growing strains for impatient growers

Fast growing weed: 6 very fast growing strains for impatient growers

There are times when a grower needs his cannabis plants to grow fast. Perhaps their supply of marijuana is running low; or maybe the location of the grow is not compatible with prolonged cultivation because of outside environmental conditions. There are also stealth growers who understand that every extra day […]
16 December, 2021

Thailand loosens on cannabis laws

Thailand keeps shaking South East Asia! This country is now the forerunner of cannabis in the area. Until now, cannabis laws in Thailand prevented the commercialization of the plant. Parts of the plant containing low percentages of THC were taken off the Narcotics List in 2020. But flowers, stems, roots, […]
15 December, 2021
Malta legalizes cannabis

Malta has become the first EU country to legalise the cultivation and personal use of cannabis

The law, which was approved yesterday by 36 votes to 27, allows adults in Malta to possess up to 7 grams of cannabis and grow up to 4 plants. Also, it allows non-profit associations of up to 500 people to grow the plant for members.     However, public consumption […]
15 December, 2021
is CBD safe during pregnancy

CBD and pregnancy: Is it safe?

CBD or cannabidiol has revolutionized the cannabis sector by bringing awareness of the benefits of cannabinoids to the mainstream public. More and more users are choosing to consume this cannabis compound that does not produce psychoactive effects and has proven to have multiple beneficial properties for health. But… Is it […]