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29 June, 2021

What does OG and OG Kush mean?

When it comes to indica strains, few genetics have gained the sort of fame and popularity that OG Kush has established. However, the story of OG kush couldn’t be more mysterious. What does OG even mean? That is the question that many have unanswered despite the fact that the acronym […]
23 June, 2021

Is cannabis effective for treating diabetes?

Cannabis has proven to have multiple benefits at the therapeutic level and to be effective for the treatment of various diseases. Some studies suggest that this plant could have useful properties for patients with diabetes, below we explain everything you need to know about this topic.     Is cannabis […]
16 June, 2021
Portugal left and liberal parties for an adult-use legalization on cannabis

Portugal to retake cannabis legalisation debate by proposing adult-use bills in parliament

Portugal left and liberal parties for an adult-use legalization on cannabis The Portuguese Parliament met on June the 9th, 2021, and debated -you guessed it- the legalization of non-medical cannabis for adult use! Two proposals were presented by two parties: Left Bloc (bill in Portuguese) and Liberal Initiative (bill in […]
16 June, 2021

How long does weed stay in your system?

Have you ever wondered how long after consuming cannabis the compounds found in marijuana might remain in your body? There are various methods for detecting whether or not you have smoked or ingested cannabis days and even weeks after the last time you ingested it. In this article, we will […]
10 June, 2021
highlife cup winners 2021

Seedstockers wins 2 Highlife awards by Soft Secrets

We are the happy winners of two 2021 Highlife Cups! After 10 weeks of testing 159 samples, the jury of the biggest cannabis cup in The Netherlands announced our two winners.   Our motto stays true: best and cheap high quality seeds! 3rd prize: Autoflower cannabis cup This category rewards […]
9 June, 2021

How are cannabinoids produced by the Marijuana plant?

Among the most attractive compounds in the cannabis plant are the so-called cannabinoids, molecules that produce different effects and that have made this ancient plant so famous. Here we explain how these compounds are created and what they are for.       What are cannabinoids? The cannabinoids found in […]
1 June, 2021
4 motivi per coltivare cannabis autofiorente

4 reasons why you should grow Autoflowering strains

Autoflowering genetics were a revolution within the cannabis industry due to their multiple advantages. They are fast, resistant strains, easy to grow and produce quality crops. Here we explain everything you need to know about auto varieties.       What is Autoflowering cannabis? Autoflowering marijuana varieties (also called auto, […]
31 May, 2021
effects of weed

What are the effects of marijuana?

At some point, surely you’ve heard this maxim when it comes to cannabis: sativa strains have invigorating effects that will allow you to be active during the day, while indica will send you to the couch when you want to relax and unwind at night. However, this indica / sativa […]