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29 July, 2021

Research shows evidence of early cannabis domestication in China about 12,000 years ago

Cannabis was first domesticated in northwest China more than 12,000 years ago Right after the Stone Age, this is how long ago we are talking about! The Neolithic is characterized, under other facts, by the development of agriculture. And a study suggests that ever since there was agriculture, there have […]
28 July, 2021
can you eat weed

Can you eat weed and get high?

Can you eat weed? Can you eat weed and why would you do that? First of all, not everyone likes to smoke or vape. And not everyone should, given the fact that lung conditions can worsen by doing so. Second, edible consumption is much more discreet than smoking it! Cannabis […]
21 July, 2021
is weed legal in spain

Is Weed Legal in Spain?

Despite the fact that the cannabis culture is very widespread in Spain, many consumers, as well as the people who visit, have a rather diverse and confused idea about the real legal status of marijuana in Spain. Are cannabis clubs ‘coffee shops’? Can you smoke on the street? How many […]
20 July, 2021
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe allow adult-use cannabis sales and cultivation

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe allows adult-use cannabis sales and cultivation

New York’s Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe to pass adult-use cannabis ordinance Recreational cannabis has been legal in New York since April the 1st, 2021. However, there is currently a standstill on practical decision making. There is a need to appoint an agency that could regulate the cannabis industry. The Saint […]
14 July, 2021
How to consume weed without smoking

How to consume weed without smoking

Although smoking is the most popular method, you may be looking for new options to enjoy cannabis. Fortunately, thanks to technological and educational advances, there are many ways to use marijuana to obtain its recreational and medicinal benefits. The health risks of smoking are widely known, leading more and more […]
7 July, 2021

Guide on drying and curing cannabis

It’s been months since seed stock was selected. Tons of effort has been put into caring for 1, or maybe 100, cannabis plants all through the vegetative stage and into the flowering stage, and the work isn’t done yet because today, it’s harvest time!     Let’s take a look […]
2 July, 2021

Thailand’s cannabis strains to be registered as National Heritage

Thailand to add four cannabis strains into the National Heritage list Thailand is taking the lead in Southeast Asia and will add four cannabis strains into their National Heritage list by the end of August. Southeast Asia has been historically harsh about drug use and trafficking. Countries like Thailand itself, […]
2 July, 2021
connecticut ha legalizado la marihuana recreativa

Connecticut legalizes cannabis

Connecticut has legalized recreational marijuana As of July the 1st, 2021, Connecticut joined the legalization party! Governor Ned Lamont stated “It’s fitting that the bill legalizing the adult use of cannabis and addressing the injustices caused by the war on drugs received final passage today, on the 50-year anniversary of […]