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27 December, 2017
Northern Lights Seedstockers

Northern Lights Autoflower Easy Growing Feminized Auto Seeds

Northern Lights Autoflower feminized seeds grow review   Northern Lights Autoflower is an indica dominant THC rich autoflower seed variety from Seed Stockers. This weeks customer grow review comes from iGrow, the original grow diary is here on the autoflower network. For more information about Northern Lights, please check this post.     The […]
12 December, 2017

Seedstockers BCN Critical XXL Autoflower seeds grown in coco fibre under LED lights indoors

This weeks blog shows Seedstockers customers ‘Tony21’ grow 5 huge BCN Critical XXL Autoflower plants in auto pots of coco fibre with LED grow lights.   BCN CRITICAL XXL AUTO (Kritikal Bilbo X Critical Mas) X Auto Critical Mas CHARACTERISTICS: Life cycle: 11 weeks Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor Dominant: Hybrid Yield: Massive […]
16 November, 2017
Candy Dawg Seedstockers

Seedstockers OG Candy Dawg Kush Autoflower THC rich grow review

OG Candy Dawg Kush Autoflower growing   This weeks grow review features OG Candy Dawg Kush autoflower from Seedstockers. It’s an important part of the Seedstocker collection because this is the most potent original OG autoflower variety which we have seen so far. THC levels are over 22% thanks to […]
10 November, 2017
Blackberry Gum Seedstockers

Blackberry Gum Autoflower with THC and Taste Grow Review

This weeks customer grow review comes from iGrow, who grew a Seedstocker Blackberry Gum Auto under LED grow lights using a 15 litre airpot of Plagron Light soil. Blackberry Gum Autoflower is a feminized variety with some high THC genetics and buds that often show hints of blue and purple […]
14 September, 2017
AK420 Seedstockers

AK420 Autoflower High THC and XL Yields Grow Review

This weeks SeedStockers’ blog features AK420 Autoflower.   AK420 AUTO AK47 BCN selection X Auto Sativa CHARACTERISTICS: Life cycle: 11 weeks Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor Dominant: Sativa Yield: Huge THC: Medium (14 -22%) Flavor: Pine Effect: Active Experience: Beginner DESCRIPTION: AK 420 auto offers the home grower an ideal combination of […]
30 August, 2017

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds With High THC Review

This weeks blog from Seedstockers shows the remarkable results from one of our cheapest high-performance autoflower seeds, Northern Lights Autoflower. The genetics are well proven and totally stable after many years of breeding. Seedstockers work with a breeder who chose a special, top quality Northern Lights mother plant with THC […]
23 August, 2017
White Widow Seedstockersa

Seedstockers White Widow Autoflower with high THC

While Widow Auto is one of Seed Stockers best quality and highest THC auto varieties, with THC levels of over 22%.
10 August, 2017
Og Kush Seedstockers

OG Kush Auto High THC Cannabis Seeds with XL Harvests Review

OG Kush Auto is on of the highest THC autos in the Seedstockers collection.         OG Kush Autoflower Review The genetics came from one of the original breeders cuttings, its a fully proven, highly appreciated variety and the auto version is especially easy and robust to grow […]