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3 August, 2017

Low cost, large scale cannabis growing with Seedstockers cannabis seeds

Seedstockers in Barcelona   Seedstockers are often asked ‘why did you choose to be based in Barcelona’. One of the reasons is that there are so many large scale outdoor cannabis growers in and around the Barcelona area. Seedstockers have very close links to many of these large scale outdoor […]
26 July, 2017
BCN PowerPlant Auto Seedstockers

Seedstockers Cheap Cannabis High Quality Genetics Seeds

Seedstockers Best and Cheap Cannabis High Quality Seeds   Seedstockers of Barcelona buy cannabis seeds in bulk quantities directly from the worlds best breeders in order to offer you the best cheap cannabis seeds.  And when we say cheap cannabis seeds we don’t mean low quality, just permanently low prices.   […]
20 July, 2017

Seed Stockers Best Seeds from the Best Cannabis Breeders at Budget Prices

If you are looking for the Best Seeds, you have come to the right place! Seedstockers are a sister company to Dutch Passion, based in Barcelona and with access to the best cannabis breeders in Spain, Holland and beyond. This means that Seedstockers customers are getting the best cannabis genetics […]
4 July, 2017
Seedstockers Merchandise

Questions and Answers about SeedStockers’ Cannabis Seeds and Genetics

What is Seedstockers? Seedstockers is a new seed brand, a sister company of Dutch Passion from Amsterdam with the same owner as Dutch Passion, Henk van Dalen. Seedstockers specialize in selling large quantities of high quality seeds for a very competitive price with a very simple business model; a small […]
22 June, 2017

Seedstockers BCN Critical XXL Autoflower Review

BCN Critical XXL Autoflower is one of Seed Stockers’ THC-rich autoflower strains.    BCN CRITICAL XXL AUTO (Kritikal Bilbo X Critical Mas) X Auto Critical Mas CHARACTERISTICS: Life cycle: 11 weeks Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor Dominant: Hybrid Yield: Massive THC: Medium (14 -22%) Flavor: Citrus Spicy Effect: Happy Chill Experience: Beginner DESCRIPTION: One […]
13 June, 2017

Seedstockers Quality Cannabis Seeds and Budget Prices

Seedstockers are a new cannabis seed company supplying the highest quality cannabis seeds directly from the best breeders at the most affordable prices. We are based in Barcelona close to many of the best new cannabis breeders, with a dedicated team of young, knowledgeable cannabis professionals.   Cannabis Seeds at […]