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23 July, 2018

Sticky Monkey GG#4 Wins European Plant of The Year 2018

Rate this post Sticky Monkey GG#4, a feminized photoperiod cannabis seed variety, took 1st Prize at the Soft Secrets 2018 European Plant Of The Year cannabis cup contest in Amsterdam. It’s the first Cannabis Cup for Seedstockers, and a prestigious one. Sticky Monkey won the ‘Hybrid Category’, traditionally this is […]
29 June, 2018
White widow Seedstockers

White Widow Autoflower XXL Cannabis Harvest Growing Review

Rate this post White Widow Autoflower is one of the highest THC varieties in the Seedstockers autoflower seed collection. The genetics are world famous for 20% + THC levels and heavy yields. The Seedstocker White Widow Autoflower remains one of the most consistent genetic lines we have seen.     […]
5 June, 2018

AK420 Autoflower Seeds Grown Indoors Under LED Light

Rate this post This weeks customer grow review comes from ‘Bunny’ who grew his Seedstockers AK420 Autoflower seeds indoors under a GN Telos 8 (240W actual power draw) using Plagron Light soil mix with Biotabs, Biotab’s offer a range of natural, organic additives and nutrients which are proving to be […]
1 May, 2018
Candy Dawg Autofloreciente Feminizada

OG Candy Dawg Kush Autoflower Indoor Grow Review

Rate this post This weeks OG Candy Dawg Kush Autoflower grow review comes from ‘Scally’ who specialises in growing high quality home grown cannabis for his own use. Scaly grew the OG Candy Dawg Kush feminized autoflower seeds indoors using 15 litre airpots and BioBizz Light Mix soil under 20 […]
23 April, 2018
BCN PowerPlant Auto Seedstockers

BCN Power Plant Autoflower Seeds Grown Indoors Under HPS Grow Light in Soil

Rate this post Growing BCN Power Plant Autoflower seeds indoors In this weeks grow review GG65 grew BCN Power Plant under a 600W HPS growlight, the autoflower seeds were grown in a 50/50 soil/perlite mixture.   BCN POWER PLANT AUTO Power Plant X Northern Lights Auto CHARACTERISTICS: Life cycle: 11 […]
21 March, 2018
AK420 Seedstockers

AK420 Autoflower THC Rich Feminized Grow Review

Rate this post AK420 Autoflower is one of Seedstockers best performing autoflowering seed varieties. The pictures from this weeks grow show the unusually large growth potential. Very few cannabis genetics show the level of XL bud growth and yield potential that AK420 Autoflower has.   AK420 AUTO AK47 BCN selection […]
2 February, 2018

Seedstockers AK420 Autoflower in Soil with LED Lights Grow Review

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) THC rich autoflower seeds This weeks AK420 Autoflower grow comes from ‘Bunny’ who grew his AK420 Autoflower seed indoors in a 90cm x 100cm closet. The original grow diary is here on autoflower network.   AK420 AUTO AK47 BCN selection X Auto Sativa CHARACTERISTICS: Life cycle: 11 […]
4 January, 2018

Big Bud Autoflower Feminized Seeds THC Rich Review

3.3 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Big Bud Autoflower Feminized Seeds is a variety with genetics from a specially selected autoflowering Big Bud and one of Seedstockers heaviest yielding autoflowering cannabis seed varieties. Harvests are much heavier than average – as you would expect from Big Bud auto and […]