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29 June, 2022
How often does an indoors cannabis plant need to be watered?

Water cannabis plants

Growing Cannabis can be straightforward and basic, however there are many variables that can make a big difference. Knowing when to water and what nutrients the plants desire, will give you the upper hand when feeding, allowing you to harvest the biggest buds and most terpene rich flavors. In this […]
22 June, 2022
THC Diamonds

What are THCA diamonds and how are they made?

While potency, aroma, and flavour normally represent the Holy Trinity of cannabis, it is hard to beat the beauty of the crystalline THCA, a type of extraction that is coming on strong. THCA diamonds look very much like normal diamonds: both are rare and, as a result, they’re both expensive. […]
15 June, 2022

Companion planting, all the benefits for the cannabis

When growing Cannabis plants indoors or outdoors, the first signs of insect damage or any type of pathogen, can send a beginner grower into panic mode. Knowing that your precious plants are under attack, can cause anxiety and a desire to use the most potent chemical solutions possible. In this […]
8 June, 2022

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), what is it?

When it comes to cannabinoids, the ones that we usually hear about are the most common ones, like THC and CBD. But the cannabis plant has already been found to contain more than 150 different cannabinoids (some are present in such small amounts that you wouldn’t even know that they’re […]
1 June, 2022
Trichoderma why is it useful in cannabis cultivation

Trichoderma: why is it useful in cannabis cultivation?

Trichoderma is one of the best allies for the development of your cannabis crop. This is a species of beneficial fungi that can stimulate root growth and protect the plants from other phytopathogenic fungi whilst reinforcing their defence mechanisms. Besides being an excellent biological tool for pest control, Trichoderma increases […]
1 June, 2022

How to protect outdoor cannabis plants from animals

Many animals can be dangerous for outdoor grows. Compared to insects, larger species can quickly destroy your plants when they’re looking for food or shelter. That’s why it’s important to know what options you have to prevent this. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to […]
18 May, 2022

A guide to Low Stress Training (LST) on cannabis to maximize yields

  There are many benefits of training Cannabis plants during the vegetative period, allowing a grower to alter the shape of a plant by bending stems to increase Cannabis yields. In this article we break down all you need to know about LST and the advantages of using it as […]
11 May, 2022
carbon footprint of indoor cannabis

How to reduce the carbon footprint of indoor cannabis grows

Indoor cannabis growers have earned a reputation for not being as green as the plants that they grow. The reason for this is the high amount of water and energy that’s required for this type of crop, which can be incredibly harmful for the environment. However, growers are now becoming […]