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10 March, 2021

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and it is just one of the many cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants. It is said to have many medicinal properties, and over the last few years CBD has risen massively in popularity. But what exactly is CBD, and what does it do to the human […]
2 March, 2021

What to do When High on Weed

There are different levels of high from cannabis, and what to do when high on weed will differ depending on how high you actually are. If you are just a little high, you can do a lot of fun and creative things. But if you’re too high, all you will […]
22 February, 2021
get to know northern lights weedstockers

Get to Know Northern Lights Cannabis

There are many cannabis strains that stand the test of time and become old school classics, Northern Lights is no doubt one of those strains. Possibly one of the most famous strains of cannabis, Northern Lights is an Indica strain, that is said to be pungently sweet, with a hint […]
17 February, 2021
señales tempranas de plantas de cannabis hermafroditas

Early Signs of Hermie Cannabis Plants

Knowing the early signs of hermie plant or hermaphrodite cannabis plants is an important skill that all cannabis growers need to learn. Though you can use feminised cannabis seeds and get a good chance of a female cannabis plant, sometimes, things go a little wrong, and a plant will “hermie”. […]
12 February, 2021

Luxembourg Could Be the First EU Country to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

When talking about Europe and cannabis, we tend to think of The Netherlands, Amsterdam and its coffeeshops. Yet, cannabis is not totally legal in this country. Possession, trade and recreational use are tolerated but technically illegal. Other countries like Germany, Portugal and Spain have taken the decriminalization path (on different […]
10 February, 2021

Is Cannabis Good for Anxiety?

Cannabis and Anxiety Anxiety is a body and mind’s reaction to dangerous, stressful or unknown situations. It helps us stay alert. Yet, an unbalanced level of anxiety can become debilitating. It is a sort of restlessness and an uncontrollable state of worry. A feeling of dizziness, sweating and an increased […]
3 February, 2021
germinar semillas

Different Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

There are many different ways to germinate cannabis seeds. Essentially all you have to do is keep the seed damp, and warm for a few days, and it will germinate and grow. Some methods are more reliable than others. As cannabis seeds can be expensive, you want to use the […]
28 January, 2021

Hemp, What is it and What Can it Do

You may have read a lot about hemp recently. The USA recently removed hemp from the schedule 1 controlled substances list. This has given farmers a chance to grow one of the most useful plants nature provides. But why was hemp illegal? What is hemp and what can it be […]