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29 September, 2021
keeping THC levels low

How to keep THC levels low in cannabis

Keeping THC levels low in cannabis For the most part, the driving motivation when growing cannabis is to produce the most potent and most beautiful buds possible. A well matured, healthy plant with sound genetics will often produce huge amounts of cannabinoids, upward of 20% by weight or more. Historically, […]
29 September, 2021
cbd for pets

CBD for pets: what it is and how to use it

Whether your cat feels anxiety on car rides, or your dog can’t stand fireworks, many pet owners experience has been that CBD can be helpful for their pets. But what exactly is CBD for pets, and do they really work? And most importantly, is it safe?     Cannabinoids are […]
27 September, 2021

Zurich to launch recreational cannabis trial

“Züri Can -Cannabis with Responsibility” is the name of a research that will begin in autumn 2022. It will be a trial that will last 3.5 years and it will allow people to buy cannabis in pharmacies and in social clubs.     Zurich will set cannabis dispensaries for adult […]
24 September, 2021
kanabafest 2021 seedstockers

Seedstockers participates in Kanabafest, the largest and most important cannabis fair in Poland

After a two year hiatus, the Seedstockers team travelled again! Destination: Kanabafest in Warsaw! We must admit we missed fairs because they are a beautiful opportunity for exchange, learning and togetherness. They help us broaden our knowledge about the host country and about the ever-expanding cannabis world.     In […]
24 September, 2021

Cannabis referendum: Italy reaches 500 thousand signatures in one week

Italy has reached a historic milestone: more than 500,000 signatures collected in one week for the referendum on cannabis. This is a memorable vote, on one hand because of the speed with which half a million signatures were reached due to the enthusiasm of young people (most of them under […]
22 September, 2021
cannabis edibli

How to make cannabis edibles at home

Guide on making cannabis edibles Using cannabis edibles is a truly wonderful way to consume cannabis without combustion and without smoking. The science of edibles has come an incredibly long way in recent years with all sorts of innovations in the way of THC drinks, cakes, pizzas, lollipops, gummy bears, […]
15 September, 2021

The Beginners Essential Guide for cultivating Cannabis indoors

If you’re looking for the basics for your first indoor marijuana grow, here are the tools and information you need on how to do it effectively. All you need is a small, discreet space and a little budget to get started with indoor cannabis production. Growing marijuana indoors is a […]
9 September, 2021

Italy’s Comission of Justice passes a bill to decriminalize home-growing Cannabis

Italy moves forward to decriminalize home-growing cannabis This is important news! The Lower House’s justice committee of Italy approved a new bill on cannabis on Wednesday. This bill will set regulations for the cultivation of home-grown cannabis and will hopefully bring some hope for those in need of medical marijuana […]